A Guide to Increasing your Search Visibility

March 24, 2021

In a time when buying online is at its peak, especially with majority of retail stores in the UK still being closed due to the national lockdown. It’s worth every online business’ time to take a look at ways of increasing your search visibility.

When it comes to Google search results most viewers want quick answers so may choose the website that appears on the first page. Everyone who has a website will know that it takes work to get onto that first page, especially number one! However, there are still other ways to gain more visibility on search, if there is heavy competition for a keyword.

Featured Snippets

A featured snippet is the section near the top of page one, that tends to be formatted different to suit the search query. This means that the user’s questions get answered as quickly as possible, without them having to open a website.

But there are many types of these snippets, some answer a query where others answer math questions, dates and more. When answering a question Google may return a list, or below there is the FAQ box showing related questions.

In some cases, you even have a shopping snippet, perfect for businesses that sell products, and will show different shops where you can buy that item from.

Long Tail Keywords

With Search Engine Optimisation, keywords are important, but long tail keywords are for specialised niches. These types of keywords tend to follow these points:

  • Phrases that have at least 3 words
  • More specific
  • Vary the phrasing
  • Include locations

This time the keywords should home in on the words your customers would use to find your products.

Paid Search

We understand that business do try to save money, but sometimes paying a bit can go a long way. Google Ad listing can make sure that your website goes right to the top of the search results.

Google Business Listing

Making sure you claim your Google My Business listing is so important, as this is integrated with maps, ensuring that it appears when someone searches for your business.

Get in Touch

Of course, that isn’t all you can do to enhance your business on Google. But that is where professionals come in, and here at Blue Shark, we can help you with ranking on Google without you having to do much!

If this is something you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we can give you a quote and show how we can help you.

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