Obsolete Website Features you Need to be Avoiding in 2021

February 13, 2021

It comes as no surprise that there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to website design and development. But there are some features that should have been obsolete last year, but we see people doing them time and time again.

So, the team at blue Shark have come together and came up with a list of features that you need to be avoiding in your website design!

Flash Intros

Most of the time flash intros don’t look great, however this isn’t the main reason they shouldn’t be used. Flash intros take ages to loads and can slow down your website, because of this most of the time they will just annoy your visitors and may end up leaving your website.

Desktop Only

By now, we are sure everyone who owns a website knows the importance of making sure their website looks just as good on mobile and tablet devices. Especially because over 40% of web traffic comes from these devices.

Outdated Text

This is something we are sure people do try to keep up to date on, but it is possible to miss. Many companies still have on their site ‘copyright (year)’, this may seem like something small, but a customer might assume you aren’t in business anymore if they notice it.

Spelling Mistakes & Grammar

Not everyone is a spelling bee, but it takes a few minutes to pop your text in through a spell-checking software. Something this will make a huge difference in making your visitor trust your website and your company.

Outdated Fonts

Even though you may like that outdated font, and we’re talking about Times New Roman or Comic Sans, it is best not to use it as it may give visitors a very dated feel.

Cluttered Design

It is very easy to try and fill every blank space on your website by thinking you are giving your readers important information. However, to a visitor you are making it cluttered and harder to find the information they need to find.

Stock Imagery

Stock images are great if you are having trouble finding the right image for your website, or your need to make your website more visual. But there is nothing better than taking the images yourself and making your website personal to you. So many other companies will be using the same images as you by only using stock imagery.

Looking for a unique website?

It is a lot of work making sure your website has all the right information but also works and looks the part. That’s why you can get in touch with the team at Blue Shark, and get your own website fit for the job!

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