Improve Website Engagement using Popups

May 6, 2022

When you first think of website popups, majority of people will automatically think about how annoying they are due to popup adverts. However, if they are done right, they can help drive engagement to what you want to promote, and not annoy your visitors.

Now, we are going to look at how you can use popups on your website to improve your engagement.


Where should you use website popups?

There are many great ways you can use website popups! And we are just going to talk about a few that we feel a lot of websites can benefit from using.

  • Gaining Subscribers: A mailing list can help drive traffic to your website, but to do this you need to have a strong mailing list. To get new people to sign up to this, adding a pop up to get visitors to add there’s but offering something in exchange can be the deciding factor to whether someone gives up this information.
  • Promoting a discount or a sale: This can be a specific percentage discount, or a timed sale. Some visitors might not notice it is a timed sale until it is pointed out to them, having this be something they see as soon as they go onto your website can push them to use these discounts.
  • Decreasing your bounce rate: By having a popup that pushes the guest to a specific page, it keeps them moving around your website, rather than them arriving to your website and clicking onto a different website.


Different types of popups

Popups can be done in a variety of different ways, they don’t need to be the first thing that appears when the guest clicks onto your website, they can be added in creative ways!

  • Time based popups: These can appear if the user has been inactive for a certain amount of time, and try to get them engaging in your website again.
  • Scroll triggered popups: These can appear when the user scrolls to a specific area of the page.
  • Click activated popups: These are great if you aren’t sure on how to use popups, these can appear when the user clicks on a specific link on your website.
  • Exit popups: These are when the user is going to leave the page, these can help keep them on the website by offering them a reason to stay.


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