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News post / July 23, 2013

Thinking of Creating Your Own Business Website

Do You Have What it Takes to Design and Publish it Yourself? There are plenty of online companies now offering you the chance to build your own website for next to nothing. They claim that it takes no more knowledge of the way html coding or CSS sheets work than simply being able to drag and drop your required content into a pre-made template, which is all well and good […]


News post / June 7, 2013

Practice what you preach

Hi Guys, Just a quick update and a slap on the wrist for Blue Shark Design. Its been a while since our last article and I feel we must apologise for that as its not what we preach to our clients when it comes to keeping your website updated with fresh quality content, but if the truth be known things have been manic work wise in the Blue Shark Design […]


News post / January 21, 2013

Large Photo Backgrounds – 2013 Web Trends –

Hey guys and girls, We are back with another trend to look out for in 2013, (we are aware that towards the back end of 2012 this was beginning to take off and you may have already seen it but we feel you will begin to see it a lot more in 2013) large photo backgrounds. Now we understand that large photo backgrounds can lead to long load times and […]


News post / January 11, 2013

Fixed Headers – 2013 Web Trend –

With the turn of the year being a mere 10 days ago we are already starting to think about the way the web will look in 2013. There are many trends to think about and look forward to in 2013, over the course of a few months we will bring you the top 20 we think you need to watch out for. Today we are going to look at the […]


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